Our Team

Industrial power sweeping trucks and team  – Industrial Power Sweeping Services in Berminah, NT


For more than 20 years, Industrial Power Sweeping Services has been offering professional sweeping services throughout Darwin and the Northern Territory.

A change of ownership in 2006 introduced a rise in contracts and tenders, increasing the company's operational size and stimulating a need for further investment in equipment and personnel.

These changes, including an increase in experienced operators guarantees our client's contractual requirements would always met. The increase in staff and machinery also allowed us to commence a 24/7 call out service.

Industrial Power Sweeping Services is a locally owned and operated company, with vast experience in providing services to government departments, local councils and industry in the Northern Territory. Our fleet capacity in conjunction with our personnel, management expertise and broad experience, allows us to provide timely, efficient superior quality services. We have the staff and fleet capacity to deliver not only general contractual requirements, but to respond promptly to emergency contingencies with minimum wait times.




Graham has worked in the Transport and Mining Industries, predominately in the Northern Territory for more than 30 years. Through his roles Graham has acquired vast experience in managing complex machinery work schedules and planning to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. Since Graham took control of Industrial Power Sweeping Services, he has expanded the size and operations of the Company.


Shane has been with Industrial Power Sweeping Services Pty Ltd for 20 years. As an experienced machine operator, Shane uses his operational and planning skills to oversee the completion of work schedules and the assignment of operator tasks.

With more than 25 years' experience in the Contract Cleaning Industry, Shane has gained extensive experience in the supervision and management of staff. Shane is actively involved in all ongoing staff training, including the process of cross training operators on all equipment. This ongoing training increases the versatility of our operators and ensures contracts and client needs are always met and exceeded.


Vanessa has been with Industrial Power Sweeping Services for 9 years and has more than 24 years in office administration and management. Vanessa's role includes overseeing all the administrative responsibilities that facilitate the smooth running of the office.


Industrial Power Sweeping Services employ a number of equipment operators. All operators are selected with consideration of their driving ability, safety record and attention to detail in carrying out their work.

Operators are trained on all equipment and are familiar with all aspects of sweeping tasks, which allows flexibility and a timely response in assigning jobs.