Industrial Power Sweeping Services are currently contracted with the Department of Infrastructure and the City of Darwin Council for professional sweeping services. This has afforded us the experience in tendered services, both in scope and scale.

Our current contract involves sweeping services on approximately 200 kilometres of roads, 366 kilometres of bike paths per month, as well as emergency response work with a response time of 30 minutes.

This contract demonstrates Industrial Power Sweeping Services ability to undertake large-scale tenders and the capability and understanding of local conditions as required by the Services for Tender.

Industrial Power Sweeping Services has also provided services to the Palmerston City Council. Our role included the sweeping of all roads (approximately 130 km) on a three-monthly cycle, as well as all bike paths (approximately 40 km) on a monthly cycle.

Industrial Power Sweeping Service is currently contracted to a number of other large clients. These include major construction, mining and stevedoring industries.

We also provide services to many local industries in both the public and private sectors throughout the Darwin area. We are there when needed for tasks such as cleaning spills, removing contaminated waste and responding to emergency spills.